What kind of standards person are you? That’s the question that Dave Shea over at Mezzoblue asks. I’m a mix between the two options that Dave listed. I completely code for the standards, and try to leave it at that, but I have to put in a couple of hacks to make sure some of the more popular browsers (cough, Internet Explorer) has some resemblance of the design that I’ve put together.

There’s nothing I hate more than to go to my roommate’s computer who is using Win98/AOL 7.0 and to see that my site doesn’t look anything like I had designed it to be. I really wish Microsoft would straighten out and fully support standards, the proper box model, and people would stop using Internet Explorer 5.5 or lower, or any of the other old browsers. Until then, I’ll continue to spread the word that Mozilla Firefox is the best browser you can use right now. Love it, use it, see the internet the way it’s meant to be seen.