I got news this morning from the vet that my dog has died. I’m a emotional wreck right now, and I still haven’t fully come to terms to this news. I was really certain it was something simple, something recoverable, like ingestion of jimsonweed, or some other poisonous substance that can be cured. Well it turned out Daylate had cancer. He was in his final stages the past few days, and all along the past few years we thought he had arthritis or something to that effect.

I’m glad I have my digital camera, and I’m glad I got a lot of photos of Daylate, and even some movies which I plan on putting up soon. I have a bunch more pictures of Daylate on my computer I haven’t uploaded to the photo album here on Good Blimey yet, but once I can stomach seeing him in the photos, I’ll put them online. I also want to put up a little page about Daylate, along with his photos and movies, telling the world why he was truly the best dog in the world. What he liked, what he didn’t like, what his favorite toy was, how he would drool on one of our cat’s head as a gesture of love, and so on.

He was a wonderful, big dog, full of nothing but love and gentleness. When people would first see him, they see a big beast of a dog who was happy to see them, but were afraid that happiness was aggressiveness or something mean. They would quickly find out he was a big baby, just wanting their attention and love. He loved me unconditionally from Day 1, and I loved him uncondtionally from Day 1.

Daylate is truly a man’s best friend, and he was my best friend for so many years. It’s a good thing all dogs go to heaven, as they say, because I can’t wait to see him again. R.I.P. Daylate – January 03, 2004.