I’ve discovered an invaluable service while surfing the net today. Have you ever been asked for your email address, just so a company can send you a password, or even just to see if you got an email address? And shortly after you enter it, you’re deluged with spam? So have I, and frankly it is getting really tiresome. Fortunately, there’s Mailinator.

Now when you want to avoid the spam, yet still get the password, or just need someone to send you a quick email that you can check anywhere, just make up an email. Such as [email protected] or anything you want. The moment Mailinator gets the email, the account is automatically created, and you can check it right away. No signup, no hassle, no questions asked. It’s truly remarkable, and well worth a bookmark. Just note that you can’t reply to email, send email, nor delete them through Mailinator.

Continuing to fight the Spam Man.