Dearest Spammer,

You have been visiting my site,, and spamming the comments section of the site pointing towards other website that sells questionable drugs. You are wasting your time. The moment a comment is posted, it is emailed to me. I check my email often, and the moment I see a spam in my comment, I use the wonderful MT-Blacklist plugin to delete your spam within 2 seconds, and it adds you to a blacklist, thus not enabling you to comment again. I delete the spam so fast, that Google won’t track it with their bots, thus putting to waste your ultimate objective.

Not to mention the blacklist is constantly updated from a central databank, to prevent your wretched colleagues from spamming me in the future. Your information, IP address, host, email address, and so on are recorded in a little file, and distributed on the internet to others who wish to block you from infecting their site as well from your pathetic excuse of a vocation.

So before you spam again, perhaps you’d like to read this wonderful piece of good news.

Fighting spam one day at a time.