I’m preparing to leave for Dallas, Texas on Thursday. I got all the bookings, and flight schedules. I’ll be staying at the Hyatt Regency, where the CPL event will be taking place. I’ll be coming back home Sunday, so don’t expect any posts until Monday. I intend to have a fantastic time, and take tons of pictures, which I’ll make available for viewing. The weather looks to be pretty chilly (by Floridian standards), and cloudy, unfortunately. I won’t fret though, I’ll likely be indoors most of the time, anyways.

Last night, I rented a couple DVD’s. The first being Bruce Almighty, which was really great. Very hilarious, and Jim Carrey once again does a superb job. I wish he was in more movies, more often. You can never get tired of him. From dramas to comedies, I don’t care, just give me Carrey in it. It was also an interesting film, in a religious feel-good kind of way. The other movie was Pirates of the Caribbean, which I absolutely loved. A fun adventure that makes me want to become a scurvy, yellow-bellied mongrel of a pirate. Johnny Depp did a really good job, playing a character that was both funny and intriguing. It’s weird though, the last movie I saw him in was Edward Scissorhands, and he’s like a completely different person. All in all, I rented two really great movies, and got my money’s worth.