It seems every girl I talk to are building up to a divorce, or are in the process of trying to get a divorce. I try to be a good listener, and they complain that the man in their life don’t treat them with respect anymore, don’t love them anymore, or totally disregard them to the point where the marriage part is only being held up by counting on knowing what to expect everyday. Even my own mother isn’t happy, yet she is still living with her husband, even to the point where he threatened to kill her.

Now, me being a guy and all, truly can’t understand this. Anyone that makes me unhappy for an extended period of time, and don’t care about it, or threaten my life, I am out of there. No questions asked, no looking back, sayonara, adios, ciao, hasta la vista, etc. I know it’s easier for a guy to do it, but why do women make it more difficult? Then there’s the fact that I’m nearing 25 years, I’m a nice guy, and ironies of all ironies, I’m still single. I’ve had opportunities to run off, get married, and so on, but deep down I just knew it wouldn’t last. Maybe it’s fear on my part, but I strongly believe that we should trust our instincts, and I live by my instincts. So far it hasn’t hurt me.

So when a woman asks me where all the nice men are at, my only reply is, they’re playing video games still in their mid-20’s, enjoy cooking gourmet meals, and you won’t find them in bars. Fat lot of good giving away that secret does. Maybe I should get out more.