The capture of Saddam Hussein today is a pretty big psychological victory, but still just a step towards victory of this war on terror. It is exciting nevertheless, considering the brutal rule that Saddam and his sons enacted, is now at an end. Perhaps now it’ll be smoother sailing for Iraq to enter a prosperous time, and maybe finally a reformed Middle East will be possible. I think our children of the future will appreciate it, when they don’t have to worry about terrorists constantly killing innocent people, thinking that the deaths of these people will get them into paradise, which is just absurd.

CNN has the news on the capture, with information that Saddam was found in a hole carved in the cellar of a farmhouse. The hole is narrow, dank, and smelly. It seems ironic that a powerful and sinister ruler ends his day in a dark, dank hole in a farmhouse, hiding from the U.S. and allied forces. They said he had a pistol and around $750,000 on him, but did not fire the pistol when he faced his captors. That should be sign enough to his loyal followers what a coward the man is.