The Army has created a new brigade, known as the Stryker Brigade. The soldiers in it received special, extraordinary training for this new brigade, which will adopt new tactics, and inevitably new technology and hardware. ABCNews has more coverage on this interesting new development.

“So the soldiers of the 3rd Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Division, now known as the Stryker Brigade, have adopted a new method of reacting to attacks: They rush toward the source. Depending on how many vehicles are on patrol, upward of 30 highly trained trained infantrymen may stream out to chase down the insurgents.”

“Meanwhile, other Strykers stay on the periphery, scanning the fields or buildings with their thermal cameras and covering the troops with a .50 caliber machine gun or Mark-19 automatic grenade launcher.”

It’s just in time for a new type of war we’re faced in the world, one that President Bush clearly outlined. This war adopts tactic that was popular during the Civil War, when the Rebels would shoot at soldiers from forests and other places where pursuit was difficult, and finding the enemy even more so. Terrorists don’t fight conventionally. They’re invisible most of the time, and they could be the guy right next to you at the bus stop with a homemade molotov cocktail in his pockets. This new brigade adopts tactic specially designed to hunt down terrorists and put them out of commission. Here’s hoping it proves a successful endeavour. In any case, I like the name — Stryker. It sounds like an Arnold Swarzenneger-type action hero.