I’ve made a few design changes the past few days, as you may be able to tell. First off, the new background for the header of the site, sporting a jet from the flight simulator game I’ve been playing lately; Lock On: Modern Air Combat. I was really reluctant to add graphics to the site, as I like a fast loading site, but no matter what I did, the site felt bland, so a nice graphic can do wonders to that. I’ve compressed it as much as I could without losing too much quality, and the graphic is nearly 1600 pixels wide, and weigh about 22KB. Hopefully the site still loads quick enough for those of you on dialup.

I’ve also got a few other changes, mostly of the pseudo-hover, which can only be viewed by Gecko-based browsers (Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, etc.) and Safari. Internet Explorer/AOL won’t be able to view these changes, since they don’t support the latest technology and are about a year or so behind. Another little change I did was remove cruft from archive URLs, so they should be easier to understand, and Google will like them. For example, the previous post has the URL: http://www.goodblimey.com/archives/2003/12/09/apple instead of http://www.goodblimey.com/archives/00000063.php. There’s a few other things I want to change, so keep an eye out for those as well.