I am Jack’s surprised medulla oblongata (and alligators cry because of their medulla oblongata!). 1up.com has an article up with word that Vivendi Universal has plans in the work for a video game based on the gritty movie, Fight Club, which is consequently based on the book written by David Fincher of the same name. It’s logical to assume it’s going to be a boxing/fighting game, with a possibility of stealing body fat that doctors shred off of women, to eventually just sell it back to them in a bar of soap. And no matter what the movie says, you can’t make napalm out of gasoline and frozen orange juice concentrate, as the producer didn’t want any upcoming terrorists to get any bright ideas on the real recipe (kind of pointless with Google around).

I’m not holding my breath though, usually most games based on movies are just downright horrible. The rare exceptions are few and far between; Jedi Knight 2, Star Trek: Elite Force, and Space Bunnies Must Die! (hah, kidding). Fight Club was one of my favorite movies of all time, a truly gritty and thought-provoking film that brought you to the edge of the seat and ripped you right out of it, only to kick you while you were trying to get up and figure out what happened. A truly brilliant film, one a man can truly appreciate.