The U.N. will be holding a summit next week to discuss whether they should have control over the internet, something a few member countries has suggested. My question is, why do people feel the need to control the internet? What good will it do? The internet is too big to be controlled, and it encompasses the world. It has no boundaries, no laws, no singular language, and no direction. The beauty of the internet is that it is a form of communication, it allows people from other country that may not be able to practice free speech, to practice it. It allows a lot of free information, ranging from how to build houses with your own hands, to how to properly meet a Japanese Ambassador. The internet has taught me numerous things through the years. It is my lifelong teacher.

So I ask again, why even control the internet? Is it to lay down taxes? Is it to push technology? Will they want to lay down laws that the world has to follow when going online? Will there be boundaries, and if so, what’s the point? Besides, even if they managed to “control” the internet, they truly won’t. There are numerous people out there, from hackers, privacy advocates, to extremely intelligent engineers that’ll find ways around any form of control. Control equals power, and the internet is a lot of power, but it will never be harnessed by those who purely just want control. Just like they won’t be able to control their own selves to dodge a charging bull while blindfolded. You’re eventually going to be gored and hung up to dry.