Month: December 2003

Best Of 2003

I figure I’ll put up my list of Best Of 2003, since everyone else seem to be doing it. Here are my personal picks: Best Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean Best TV Show Series: HBO’s Carnivale Best Song: The Scientist by Coldplay Best Album: Ministry of Sound’s The Annual 2004 Best New Group: Kings of…

Atom And Eve

Everywhere I go, I read about Atom 0.3 and how it’s going to replace RSS. I was confused as to what Atom truly is, and what its purpose is, but I think I got the gist of it. From what I understand, the creator of RSS decided that there’s nothing left to be added after…

Blogstakes Giveaways

Blogstakes are having a giveaway where you can win a Slappa Hardbody CD case, and I could certainly use one right about now. If you enter to win it, you increase my chance of winning it as well (2 people win the prize, the winner, and the blog that referred you). Check it out here….

Blog Design Showcase

There’s a Blog Design Showcase over at Cre8d Design, with some excellent blogs to check out. There were numerous ones I’ve never visited before, and some were old friends, but all of them are full of fantastic design skills and intriguing personal lives. I always wondered where I stood in the design circle, but I…