I’m a big fan of the Atlanta Braves (Major Leagues baseball for those of you not in the know) and one of the most exciting player to come to the team since Chipper Jones joined is Gary Sheffield. Now I’m hearing stories that the New York Yankees, and his uncle, Dwight Gooden (another famous player), want to bring him over. As an analyst said last night, it’s hard to resist when the Yankees want you.

If the Braves lose Sheffield, then they may want to kiss hopes of reaching the World Series goodbye next year. The man is exciting, he’s superb, and he enhances a team tenfold when he belongs to it. If the media weren’t so anally trendy and jump on bandwagons so easily, Sheffield or at least Albert Pujols should’ve won the MVP, not Barry Bonds. The man hits a lot of homeruns, but that’s about it! Sheffield and Pujols does it all, defense, stealing bases, making everyone on their team better.

If the Braves lose Sheffield, the Braves just won’t be as exciting as they were this year. Here’s hoping they reach deep in their pockets this time around.