If there’s one thing that is confusing to a web designer is why is text on a webpage and on a myriad of setups, so difficult to implement consistently across every visitor’s screen? After all, you could use a default font size of 75% or 0.75em or 11px and it would display correctly in one browser, but would be too big in another. That’s like creating a painting with a yellow sky, and one viewer would see it as being red and wouldn’t know that it was supposed to be yellow.

On text sizing – up the garden path, one guy got fed up and took a ton of screenshots to see just what all the differences are on a collection of browsers. It’s a fascinating read, and one that’ll boggle you as to why these software developers keep making things difficult for us designers. We have web standards, but now we could use font standards.

Good Blimey! is using font-size: small for the body and regular text throughout the size. Text that needs to be larger or smaller uses medium and x-small respectively. I considered using em’s and % both, but settled to just keep things simple. For even more information on care with font sizes, check this page on W3C’s website.