I’ve heard of wikis, and always thought they were systems for developers to track bugs, but it looks like it’s much more than that. In fact, it’s pretty exciting. Sitepoint has an article online today that explains what a Wiki is, the history, the uses of it, and why it’s both simple, yet powerful at the same time. You’ll definitely want to read up if you’re not familiar with Wikis.

If you just want to jump right into the world of a wiki, then definitely check out Notebook. It’s pretty easy to use, and useful for many purposes. In fact, I’ve found many uses for it; a personal journal, a to-do list, an address book, note-taking, a grocery list, a database, writing a story/poem, or all of the above combined. Very nice! All of this in a single, small, 1.69MB file that doesn’t require you to install anything, set up any complex code, or anything. Just start it up, choose New Notebook, name it, and check out the interactive tour for information on how to use Notebook.