I know I have no reason to whine, considering the host I’m using now is giving me 3 years of free professional hosting. Yet, when I delete a MySQL database, it shouldn’t take over 12 hours (and still waiting) for it to be deleted, so I can create a new one. One of the caveats of this promotional deal is that I can only create one database, set at a 100MB limit. So I can’t just create a new database.

I need to create a new database so I can install Coppermine, which I had before to install all my photos into a gallery. The previous one I had before used the user database for pMachine, so now I need to reinstall it so it’d use it’s own user database. This would all be a moot point if I could just install and use phpMyAdmin, but oh well. Like I said, guess I don’t have much room to complain when this is all free.

I just had to whine though. Think I’m gonna go play some Crimsonland now.