Month: October 2003

AOL 9.0 Optimized – Save your printer ink!

Since family and friends rely on me for advice and tips on the computer, I’m also the designated installer for them. When I go to their house, I take CD’s with me of programs they could use, and fix whatever they need fixing. They all use AOL, so when a new version of AOL is…

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! :D

Cheese With My Wine

I know I have no reason to whine, considering the host I’m using now is giving me 3 years of free professional hosting. Yet, when I delete a MySQL database, it shouldn’t take over 12 hours (and still waiting) for it to be deleted, so I can create a new one. One of the caveats…

Top Ten Reasons To Learn CSS

By all that is holy, if you work on webpages, and you haven’t learned CSS, then maybe this will wake you up to the revolution of streamlined web design: Design Industry Interviews — Here’s a couple of reasons to get you started: Faster download times. Reduction of file size is about 50% less than…